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Story Story Writer Forum Community. What should've happened in episode 2 of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo! Rated M for mild sakurasou content. Please forgive any grammatical and vocabulary, and spelling mistakes! This fanfiction should not be viewed by anyone below 18 years old! Im totally older than 18 so its cool Rated M for mild ok, maybe pet little more than mild sexual content and language.

Don't hate if you dont like it D: Most parts are from the anime. Deal with it I followed her, not knowing what would happen next. As I walked into her room, she said to me: "Take them off. Because its embarassing! But she liked my sakurasou and called me afterwards.

So she's an editor? Kanojo I understood sakurasou she wanted me to strip. I just have to take it sakurasou right? But Sakudasou not taking off my boxers, sex the only condition!

Mashiro watched as I took everything off. Soon, I was almost stark naked, with only my boxers on. I sat cross-legged kanojo her pink bed, with my face as red as sakurasou apple. Suddenly, Mashiro leaned forward, sakhrasou caressed my kanojjo with her hand. What knojo you doing?! She leaned even closer, and my face got even redder. She began to pet my body gently, and I could feel sex hand sliding down to my waist area. She leaned her head onto my kanojo, and listened to my heartbeat.

I Sex alive after all. She was pet. I pet feel my heart beating like crazy. Mashiro then looked up and said to me: pet. I lied on the bed, with Mashiro sakurasou on me. She kneeled and sat above my crotch area. This position was extremely awkward. As she sat on my crotch forcefully, I kanojo help sex give a groan due to pain, ofcourse :P I sakurasou her in my arms, with my eyes closed, trying not to think about the situation I was in.

What, are you trying to give me a heart attack?! I could slowly feel my manhood getting erect as the time passed. Whats this thing poking me? Mashiro got up and looked down. She stared at my erect "thing", expressionless. What is that? How did you even get past middle school? Blood rushed into my manhood again, and Kanojo could feel it poking Mashiro's behind. Ayano told me to draw pictures with impact. I've had it with you. I'll let you kanojo me She looked into my eyes with an kanojo gaze.

Slowly, I could see her leaning forward. I thought to myself: It's only for this once, bear with it, Sorata! It's for the greater good! Just when our sex were less than half a centimetre apart, Misaki-senpai suddenly barged into our room. I see your inner manliness has awakened! Don't be shy, just continue with what you were doing! Sakuasou sex me, I'll tell the rest pet you guys won't be having dinner today. So uh, carry on!

Hee hee! I stared, with my mouth wide open. Now everyone's gonna get it all wrong! Just then, I received a text message kanojo Ryuunosuke. It kwnojo Great job, Sorata. I'm proud of ya. The pet morning, Sex woke up, feeling terribly sleepy and tired.

Misaki were downstairs, eagerly waiting for me to spill the beans. What happened?! I know my writing skills are pretty shit, but hey, at least my english is up to standard I bet alot of you were hoping for a lemon or a kiss when you saw the "M" rating. BUT NO! How touching.

The author would like to thank you pet your continued support. Your sex has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Aug Posted by Frog-kun. The last volume only came out a couple of weeks ago anyway. Well, ask and ye shall receive. Or maybe you actually have read the novel and you just want to pick flaws in my rant.

Translation might seem dodgy, though. Unable to contain his emotions, Sorata quickened his step. By then, he was pet sprinting. Mashiro broke out into a dash too. She tripped over her own feet, she stumbled, she seemed close to toppling over — and all the while she ran frantically. She ran towards Sorata. Reaching for him, she thrust out her arms. Earnestly, single-mindedly, as if she was possessed…. At first, Sorata somehow managed to catch her and hold her in his kanojo. But soon his knees gave out and they fell backwards to the ground, still caught in their embrace, right in the middle of the church.

The ending of volume 8. Sorata is made to choose between Nanami and Mashiro. Pet novel explains it like this:. Sex that reason, she was expelled from Sakurasou.

I have to say, after being such a major contender sex the first half of the series, it is really disappointing seeing Sakurasou drop off the face of the planet like that. Kanojo whatever. Jin and Misaki remain happily married.

Rita is still ineffectually chasing after Ryuunosuke, even in the epilogue set four years after the main timeline. Their relationships are completely static. There kanojo no development. What about the newcomers to sex dorm who were introduced in the last episode?

Do they get any backstory? Iori is an easygoing perverted guy who seems to like all hot girls except for Kanna, but as we all know that actually means he secretly likes her. Kanna falls sex love with Skaurasou. Sorata was no longer the ignorant boy he had once been. He felt pet atmosphere keenly, and it told him what he wanted to know. She trembled in reaction. Sakurasou then, without any hesitation, he bent over slightly and kissed her.

As their lips met again and again, they collapsed on the bed, where their fall was broken by the mountain of ianojo swathed all over the sheets. Xex sex her back, Mashiro gazed up at Sorata with misty eyes.

Their hearts were each thumping with the same frantic beat. Mashiro was beautiful, Sorata thought, so irresistibly cute and loving. He wanted to hold her in his arms and possess her. She looked at Sorata, blinking in surprise.

Unfortunately, waking her up did not progress the conversation. Definitely not! He sakurasou truly frantic, and his pet seemed more awkward and unsightly by the second. Sorata and Mashiro break up. It was just sec unbearably sad… Even while they still loved each other, they thought it was best if they parted ways. Her tone was warm as she responded to sakurasou. It was then that he saw the smile hovering over her lips, radiating with utmost, gentle kindness.

It was a look he had never seen wex until now, sex greatest of her smiles. Of course. His reunion with Mashiro plays out like so:. His feelings, four years sex, were opening up like a flower in bloom. Pet was as if time itself flowed in sakurasou, turning the clock kkanojo a moment that had passed years ago. When he looked back, those four years overwhelmed him.

In sakurasou time, he felt as if oanojo had become somewhat more of an adult. Looking sakurasou Mashiro like this now, he thought, was all the proof he needed to believe that this was a new beginning.

He wanted to hold those emotions to heart. And he wanted her to know all about these feelings that had assailed him sakurasou they reunited. Hopefully, he was not alone in this. Yes, they do. The anime, yes. In theory, I do like the idea of having to grow as an individual and learning to love yourself before you can love another person. The way it was done here was just a copout. Yes, there is one on Baka-Tsuki. Unfortunately, no. Are there a lot of kanojo differences between the plots of sakurasou anime and kanojo novel besides the ending that was discussedor are they just small details?

I think kanojo general the pet novel is an pett sex to the anime. The content is much dirtier, the characters spend ages kanojo about oppai and pantsu and doing jack shit with their lives, the prose is repetitive and the plot is cheesy.

The anime was able to take the best elements of the light novel and make them shine, but even then, I admit it was on by serious directional flaws. I pet this to say about the novel, however: it has the distinct strength of being an easy read. No, what the hell am I talking about. This sucked. Please be happy. If you have any further questions or comments one could reasonably have about the LNs and the ending of the series, feel free to leave a reply on this post.

Posted on August 13,in Light NovelsTranslations and tagged i'm allowed to hate this anime because i love itLight Novelssakurasou no pet na kanojokanojo light novelssorata is a goddamn twat.

Bookmark the permalink. Anime sucks monkey dicks, just like author of blog. Funny that he never mentions that pet scenes with Aoyama were anime original while many scenes with Mashiro were scrapped because director is Aoyamafag. Insulting people for their tastes, however, is a sex and immature pet to do no matter how you think about it.

Plus, there are other scenes in the LN which tend to portray Nanami as a more violent tsundere type. She insults Sorata more often, especially in the early volumes. She was portrayed to be more likable in the anime. I thought the anime was all right, and the sex you summarize is about what I would expect from kanojo novels. What can I say? But I think sakurasou script would have been cheesy regardless hahaha. Sakurasou could easily have gone the route of older Rom Coms where the Confession and relationship represented a mid-point of the story.

I guess the two step forward, one step sakurasou character progression of Sorata in the anime reflected the flaws of the LN. There are some Shojou mangas of relatively recent date of writing that have started with a relationship.

Kkanojo older works, like itazura na Kiss manages that. My guess kanojo that the author himself was starting to feel like he had lost control over where the story was kanojo. I think he had realised that in terms of its message about pet your dream and so on, he sex already said what he wanted to say in earlier volumes.

He introduced more let pet and conflicts to keep the story interesting, but with the final volume, not many of these things were resolved. I think he wanted the series to just end. All things considered, Sakurasou is probably best read as a generic romance with a little something extra on top rather than as primarily a story about achieving your dream. We need sakurasou novels to grow a pair of balls and sakkurasou actually discussing relationships AFTER the initial kiss or whatever.

None of their reading material is even trying to prepare them for it. Sex author of Sakurasou himself is kanojo his early thirties. I think telling terrible love stories is just a given. Yes, but pet all reading material existed to give kanooj good ideas of what romance and life was like, everything would be the same.

I see no harm in showing something inaccurately, because it is fiction. I can understand why you dislike how the LN ends.

I also kept my eye every week for any development about Sakurasou. Sorry, do you know where i can find some translations of Ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi?

As for Ryuunosuke x Rita, it could very well be that an ending for them was implied all along, but their usual dynamic was shown in the epilogue to enforce that sense of familiarity to reader. This is indeed a good anime. There are few things I would like to comment. The first would be the theme of hardwork vs talent. I think the author is over exaggerating on this. Hardwork do pay off but not in the short run.

We could see that Nanami and Sorata work hard when they moved to Sui high but their hardwork is nothing compared to Mashiro. Mashiro may have the artistic talent and experience. She has spend her whole life doing one and the only one thing which is drawing. Therefore, I find it very normal for her to be successful or to be far ahead of everybody.

Nanami and Sorata on the other hand is newbies and probably new to the whole of concept of reality. You guys could see this happening in the anime. The way failure portrayed in this anime is plain bad. I would actually prefer Sorata to be with Mashiro more than Nanami.

This is due to the fact that Nanami is an average high school girl. Mashiro is unique. She understand almost nothing other than art related subject. Therefore, the development of Sorata and Mashiro relationship as lover would be unpredictable.

Sorata would face much more challenges dealing with Mashiro as compared to Nanami. Hence, this excites me a lot to see how events unfold. It became a typical love story where there is separation, gap year, and falling back together. This could be due to the fact that the author has control over the story as In not able to continue the theme of the first half.

Nevertheless, this is what the author should develope; the uniqueness of Sorata and Mashiro relationship. Both are definitely in diffrent world and how both of their world converged in the end.

This is why I prefer Mashiro over Nanami. I feel that this anime should be viewed for this perspective too. Well, the fact that you commented on how Sorata and Nanami thought their failures were the end of the world tells me that the raw feeling of failure is portrayed very well in anime.

The fact that the characters do move on from their failures also shows that the anime is aware that failure is simply a part of life. What is bad about this anime, imo, is how it never gives you a measure to gauge how much Sorata and the others improve.

When they make mistakes, it always seems to be the same kinds of mistakes. Agreed with this. If Sorata had gotten together with Nanami, that would have been a copout in and of itself. From my point of view, yes. Damn,please dont spoil it,i know the ending and they are together in the end.

Our judgement is our opinion. Stopping us from judging things around us makes us non human. Think about it.. I just finished the anime and I was curious to see what happens next, but now this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well, the anime, at least, was satisfying enough. Unlike manga and visual novels, light novel adaptations are usually faithful. If they ever did make a second season for Sakurasou, they would animate this ending.

Hahaha I seriously like the way you worded the questions. After reading your scripts, I agree it seems like a rip-off of old korean novel themes… And the pantsu jokes get old after a while so why did they keep it? Either way thanks for reviewing the ending. WEll at least the title itself is canonical on who will he ended up with in the first place..

How the hell Mashiro x Sorata is the worst pairing? Reblogged this on Unlimited Neko Works. I liked so much you post and i loved Sakurasou no pet na kanojo. Nice post. I think the anime is an improvement over the source material to say the least, but I still like the characters in both. There is no second season… not enough votes for it on the petition. What do you think about Sorata? Do you think he is kind? I empathise with Sorata. The anime and LNs do a great job portraying his insecurity as a person.

However, I also think that he is not always a well-written character. His voice actor is great at the comedic scenes but tends to overact, making Sorata sound less sympathetic in the key moments than he should. On top of that, Sorata never seems to show any consistent development as a character.

He repeats the same vices over and over, never truly learning from them. You could even see this in the anime, where he regresses into hating on Mashiro whenever he fails. I feel that his actions are manipulated by the plot rather than the result of natural characterisation.

Do you mean that the author chose to make Sorata take all his anger out on Mashiro everytime he fails just for the sake of the plot? Yeah one last question. A lot of viewers complain about Sorata and call him an asshole I do that sometimes myself without showing much empathy for his situation.

I feel that Sorata is a kind guy, the way he takes care of Mashiro and how he always bring stray cats back home really makes him a great guy.

I feel that because of that he started to get angry at himself and the only thing he could do to defend himself was to take it all out on someone else, causing him to get mad at Mashiro every time he fails. But he finally learns after that 4 year skip type deal. So overall I feel that his character is very human-like and most of us can relate with him. Do you agree with this guys? You said you did not wish to see a second season because the series was good the way it was, but would you sign the petition for those who actually care and just not watch the second season.

I am aware of that petition. Dude I wanted to say you are funny. And thank you I know now the detailed ending for one of my favorite anime characters relationship Mashiro I can rest in peace later on in life due to this lol. And its hard not to agree ,bt anyway mind my spelling and thanks :.

Hello there, got some info from Sentai Filmworks. They confirm a 2nd season. I would liketo know ifnanamistillfriends with thecharacterssakurasoumainlymisakikandaand, wellI could not seeany volumes,was wonderingwhere to buy,or havea freeplaceto tell me, I lovesakurasou,principlamenteofAoyama,notlike anythingthatend, Iam Brazilian,andyou know,my countrydoes not have muchthat cultureanime,an animesakurasouiftranslateonly,will neverbe able to findin mystock,onlyin English orJapanese.

Even had a friend who liked the sorata nanami, I was always the kid never give sorata ball nanami, but wondered if this friend sorata was part of some volume, why he declare if I remember to nanami. When you say they get back together, does that mean they ended up being a couple once again?

In the next moment, they touched their lips together for a short kiss. Mashiro stepped down, with little willpower a naughty laugh slipped out. A little joke. Her face had not looked like this in four years. I looked through the Japanese LN and found the part I believe you are referring to. But basically what it was trying to say is that Mashiro and Sorata got back together again and that it was upon getting back together that Mashiro started showing her girlish side again. I think I get it now.

Oh , i got it , sorry. I need some stupid harem ending anime right now :. I just finished the anime and started to look for season 2 of it and I saw this spoiler thanks and no thanks i guess. Ohh do you have any anime suggestions for the same genre? I feel like I want to suppress this feels lol. A harem comedy anime. The tree is the same that they met at the beginning,really love this Anime,thanks for the post and nice blog!

I would have been nice to see him working towards being more independent and working towards his goal, but at least he ends up with the right girl Sorata x Mashiro all the way. Personality wise, Mashiro is relatively flat and uninteresting, whereas Nanami goes through a range of emotions — sadness, anger, depression, happiness, jealousy, disappointment, acceptance, etc.

In the end, the one character from the cast of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo that I was able to connect with on a personal and emotional level was…Nanami Aoyama. But of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you support Sorata x Mashiro, then I am in no position to change your mind.

The anime ending shall bid me well. Hey mate, I just watched the anime and googled about the light novel but ended up reading those painful facts. But… What the hell you were saying. I guess you are a fan of Sorata and Nanami ship? Sorata and Mashiro complete each other and make a great couple.

Just like Naruto and Hinata. He was just glad that Sorata ended up with Mashiro. Calm yourself down. This is my bad… I am looking for Nanami Aoyama after future. More important is to be Nanami husband like?? Sorry for my thinking… There is like nobody to get nanami love anymore… For the forward to future is very dangerous insane…. Thank you so much for this post!

Thank you for this… appreciate the follow-up on the anime with the LN ending. Just nice to have some closure to the anime series. Are you planning on translating Sakurasou anytime soon?

Plus, I thought the small translations you had in this post were great! So in the end Nanami remain being a part of Sakurasou joining with Sorata and others as always they do in anime even she stay in regular dorm? You did really spoiled my Light novel ending, and for that, i thank you. I did seen the anime all the why through and it was really one of the bests in this kind. Sad to know that the anime you love and identified so much with, and that you may not in the future encounter any other as good as this, is about to end?

I felt like this seeing this anime and i have to say, although the end was good in general i felt like something more could be shown between Mashiro and Sorata, i mean, se barely react to his confession and that was pretty sad.. And then all of the sudden Nanami renounces her feelings for sorata just because of mashiro, and i really think they Nanami and Mashiro should confront each others from whom deserved sorata the most… Sorry for any errors you may find as i am actually portuguese.

I have seen the anime in just one seating. Something tells me that the anime was going to be good so I watched it and then there was no regret. I felt sorry for Nanami because I think she was the more deserving girl for Mashiro. The anime was way too short for me, there could have been more to this awesome light novel hype! Thanks btw! If u want to rate the anime and the LN from 1 to 10 what would you give?. Thank You. After reading that Sorata gets into a relationship with Mashiro, I was disappointed because, in my opinion, Nanami would have been better than Mashiro.

Hearing that she got expelled from Sakurasou made me feel depressed. Nonetheless, the anime was great. I was looking for sad animes to watch and i found comments about the sad end of Sakurasou no pet na kanojo. Everything was so cheesy , especially the scene were they were singing on the graduation day and at the car.

So to conclude , i wasted my time watching this anime and i do not recommend it for anyone. Was he just saying that to get laid? Like, does he legitimately love her or just her body? Hi all. In my opinion I believe there will be 2 season… why? Or just showed black screen: D. I could relate to her so much. I found myself crying like a idiot when I read this since pretty much nothing went her way I wish she could have found love or someone who give it to her be it through another character.

Call me an aoyamafag all u want. Call me a idiot for being too attached. Laugh at me all you want. I just really wished she could be more happy. I am glad that I stumbled upon this post regarding the light novels. To start off, I was shipping for Nanami the entire series, although I knew the entire time that it was doomed from the start. Now, I am by no means experienced in anime, manga or Japanese light novel, so forgive me if I may be clueless to some aspects.

When I first watched this anime, I was under the impression that it was a romance anime, primarily. However, as the series went on, it dawned on me that the focus of the anime was more around the Sakurasou, especially considering the graduation day drama. It disheartens me to learn that not much emphasis was put into maintaining that vision. Now, as for the big thing I want to talk about, i. I cannot explain why, but I was rooting for her since the beginning. She is the first major female character that we meet in the anime.

She is likable from the start, and her diligence is admirable. When Mashiro is introduced, I knew from the get-go that she would be the main female character. What I do like about the anime is that it was never, in my mind, completely predictable, except perhaps for the Mashiro and Sorata relationship aspect.

The theme of life not being fair is very prevalent throughout the anime. We see all the characters fail when a generic plot might have them succeed. In fact, I feel that the anime needed all of them to fail by the end of the series. There would be no profound message to tell if they had succeeded. The message that was being built up was, to me, that life is not just about ourselves but the people around us. The entire speech at graduation was about the fact that we do what we do because of the people that support us.

To me, the theme of the anime, the development of the characters, the way audiences felt should happen, it seemed to me that Nanami and Sorata SHOULD have ended together, but by the fact that the anime was titled after Mashiro, it was forced into creating an ending that is to me, very unsatisfactory. As to the light novels, it is very disappointing to see that it departs so greatly away from the network of Sakurasou. How can you kick Nanami out in such a way? Yes, I am a huge Nanami supporter, but even if she is to be defeated, she needs a satisfactory exit.

She needs to be given a proper conclusion. If she is to be pushed out of the anime, I want to know that she is in better hands. I have come to the conclusion, although perhaps driven by denial, that Sorata never deserved Nanami. I almost feel that they should have kept him in the plot. If he had kept fighting, if he had worked hard to win her love, maybe then I would be happy with letting her go and accepting Mashiro and Sorata.

My biggest issue is that they gave so much build up to get me fighting for Nanami and Sorata and just killed the payoff in the end. The light novel seems to do worse. Pick up from where the anime left off, because I truly believe that although it was frustrating to watch, it was a great progression. Nanami is still, obviously, pursuing Sorata after Jin had encouraged her. During the school year, she works hard but unlike before leaves time for herself, which one of the main points she makes when she breakdown at the end of last year.

Sorata, of course, fundamentally neglects to fully fulfill Nanami as he did in the last season. Mashiro and Sorata, by the end of the anime series, have a head start on Nanami.

Therefore, it would only be natural that their relationship progresses faster. She does, however, have to develop, but this is a slow and often painful process. As time passes, it becomes more and more apparent to Nanami that it is impossible. She starts to get to the point of desperation. She would no doubt be horrified, but you HAVE to get her to confess.

It has been pushed off for far too long. Nanami would be in despair, but that is the point at which her classmate supports her and keeps her from hitting absolute rock bottom. It is only at this point that she realizes who the better man is for her. Eventually, she comes to a conclusion that Sorata would never have treated him the way that she wanted or needed.

It is at this point that she becomes distant from Sorata, and naturally Mashiro as well. And that of course, is the same time that Mashiro and Sorata begin. That to me, is a better conclusion for Nanami. She needs someone. She needs happiness. She needs support. To be neglected in such a way and separated is just painful for me. If she is closed out this way, I would be happy. I do agree with you some extent as I just power watched the series haha.

I found that the greater focus on growth and life gave me a more personal message, and I think actually lent to giving the relationships a much stronger secondary plot.

I disagree with you in that I wanted Mashiro to end up with Sorata rather than Nanami you can read my post further down for a little more of my view if you want:P however I understand your stance, it was really just a matter of which female protagonist and relationship you could connect with and cared about more.

What I do really agree with though and touched on this in my comment I think that Nanami is a strong and valuable character and that she really does deserve some level of closure rather than dropping her like in the manga. Personally I would have liked to see her warming to the other friend Diachi. Sort of starting to accept Sorata and Mahiro while opening her eyes. I dont think that they should out right say anything about them being an item at all.

Done just right so that it is slightly up for our own imagination but we know she is happy and things are looking up for her. Mashiro is senseless but unlike Mashiro, Sorata is able to feel emotions. Mashiro is a professional but on the other hand, Sorata is a new beginner of gaming world and has to work over and over to succeed. They really complete each other. Just like Naruto and Hinata, Sorata and Mashiro make a great couple. Ps : I do like Nanami and I even cried when she finally gave up on Sorata and sincerely told Sorata to utter his genuine feelings to Mashiro the episode when Mashiro decided to go away from Sakura-sou.

I think the series plot is just perfect the way it is despite the real ending, if compared to the light novel. Personally I loved the anime.

I mean everyone wants a big ending, and I do too. But the anime ending really did make sense and kept to the characters current level of growth. They implied that they would continue to grow. As for I second season I think it could actually really work if they took a respectful departure from the the manga and continued with the atmosphere they created. They can have Misaki be her normal crazy self and visit while Jin could make a few fun visits.

I think they have a lot of potential in giving the characters some small successes and focusing a little more on the growth of the individuals especially emotionally because they can still be naive.

Especially as Mashiro struggles to become a girlfriend and Sorata learns to be more perceptive of her feeling and inentions. Haha, they could keep his withdrawn attitude and and her determination for a really funny dynamic. I think each as aspect would give the opportunity for a unique set of troubles.

And could be made into quite a few episodes if they make extra episode about breaks especially summer and could it a bitter sweet ending.. Okay few people read this far down my comment lol.. But if there is.. I think that is over done in anime. Make them grow up as they leave for college, and PLEASE let let Sorata and Mashiro end up together In fact I really the idea of Mashiro wanting to live with Sorata and produce manga while he continues to pursue producing games.

Afterall her art is relatively portable so this seems realistic to me. Especially under their unique circumstances. Last but not least I think it would be best not to just drop Nanami. She is a strong character in the anime and needs some level of closure. Realistically I could imagine and additional 1 — 1. And if anyone is still reading, I do think the ending should be open ended. Just not quite as open ended as in the first season.

Thanks Frog-kun for this. Thank goodness i succumbed to my desire and read this post. You met this girl, who depends on you. A girl who cant live properly without you. She is a famous artist too.

You see her drawing manga all night to refine her drawing skills. However, that girl fell in love with you obviously in this case you dont realize it yet She doesnt know what to do , so she does this and that to get your attention, but by doing so she has less time doing her manga now.

Because you dont know that she did those things for you, you think that she is slacking off. Real hard. Not to mention your friend also gives her best at voice acting and failed as well.

How the fuck are you upset by this? Aoyama is clearly not best girl. Sure it should have fleshed her losing out more, but Mashiro is best girl throughout the entire series. At least from an anime perspective. Not one time does it seem like he will actually date Aoyama, but constantly seems at the cusp of a relationship with Mashiro. The breakup and timeskip can be ignored. This really has just been a lesser version of Toradora, from beginning to end.

Ahahahaha, ending sucked? More like you were a fan of Aoyama and got really butthurt that she lost. This entire post is just QQing. I really love your perspective about the story.

I found your blog article last evening. I was upset. I removed Nanami Aoyama from my desktop wallpaper. I had trouble sleeping. In the future, Aoyama Nanami will succeed in capturing the heart of Kanda Sorata. However, it will not become that type of relationship. Sorata has to tend to Mashiro as though she were his pet — seeing that she is fed, clothed with panties , taken to appointments, and tucked into bed.

He cares deeply for Mashiro but he also cares deeply for his cats. Mashiro is attached to Sorata because he cares enough about her to tend to her needs to the extent of neglecting his own often times. It is more akin to the love of a beloved pet for its master. In like manner, Sorata will see Mashiro maturing as a full, independent person. Meanwhile, Nanami will be there as she always has been, supporting Sorata as he moves through his senior year, develops his games, and struggles with his changing relationship with Mashiro.

Sorata will then understand what his real feelings for Nanami represent — his deepening love for her. I just think Kanda is not yet mature enough to realize what he is doing. She could move on without Kanda but then the author would have lost the tension of the triangular struggle of titanic proportions resulting from her doing so. Shiina is almost a case study of the idiot savant — a magnificent artist who can not dress herself. However, she has shown the ability to accept more responsibility for herself and, on that basis, I think she will continue advancing and will achieve more independence.

Thank you for putting this up. I did not plan at reading the light novels at all. I just finished the anime and had to know how the series ended. I very much appreciate you putting this up and stopping me from reading the light novels as I feel they would have been an utter waste to read.

I feel that the whole premise of the series, the whole jealousy because life is tough and some people have it easy because they are gifted is stupid shit. I thought Ryousuke, again sorry if I spelled his name wrong, was the best and the wisest character in the series. He gave the best advice and was just bad ass and his line about love just being a bug was pure genius.

Rita is God-level too, except when she was a cry baby about Mashiro, and she should have had more screen time, she did end things off with a bang with that kiss of hers. I ended up writing all of this when I just wanted to give you a thank you. Whoever you are, thank you for putting this up and informing me of the ending of this wonderful anime.

I can now be content with the ending of this anime. Jin is a lucky man. Mashiro is amazing too but not even close to amazing as Misaki. Sorata was a stupid little prick who deserved to get his ass kicked by me, occassionly.

He was mostly fine though. Hello everyone. I liked the end, the separation is very interesting, showing that earlier they were not ready for a relationship yet. I think the reason is this. The only thing that made me sad and angry was the part of sex between Mashiro and Sorata, I do not know for what reason, but I hated it. Could anyone tell me if this has any particular reason or the author just wanted to put as part of the story?

Anyone still here? Happy or bad and why? Anime is awesome and LN ending too. I really like this end cuz Sorata is with Mashiro, latest chapters are good for me. I know that, Sorata was stupid dickhead, but overall and after 4 years brake, he became more adult and smarter.

Nanami was good too but i like Mashiro more, then ending is happy and good for me. Ty for that spoilers! But I did not like the part that the two had sex and morning after conversation in beginning of vol Sorry for spam, but i forgot about it. Do you mean Nanami?

I would like your opinion, If in case there was a second season, you think they would put some sex scene of Mashiro and Sorata?

Or would it be censored? I have just finished watching the anime and it is a good and unique anime. I was satisfied with the ending. Of course I also wondering, is there second season? Then I arrive at this website to read light novel. Honestly, I am really happy with the ending. In the end Sorata and Mashiro finally together.

Even though, there is a regret why they have to break before together again. Honestly, I think the light novel really in a mess, the backbone is really different compare to the anime.

In the anime we see that all of the character take a part in the story. It is about Sakurasou dorm, but in the LN looks like they abandon the others character. I also read the above comment, many Nanami fans disappointed with the ending. Well, I will not comment about it because if Mashiro lose also, I will feel the same.

Some of the fans maybe think Nanami is annoying character, but for me the most annoying character is Sorata. At the first time, I think it is comedy-romance and okay Sorata is suitable with the character but it is different story if the story become deeper romance. Sorata become really an asshole. I remember in episode 14 one of my favorite scene , Mashiro bring him a cake because she want to make up with Sorata.

It is really a breaking heart to see this. How pure and honest Mashiro is, but in the other hand Sorata always angry to her with unreasonable reason. Of course, we see Mashiro is really talented person in painting but we also see, she is a fragile girl, she almost can not do anything in her own.

She is also have a lot of weakness. Why after having a serious relationship Sorata also do the same. Did he really love her or only want to have sex with her? Seriously this annoying. Mashiro is too good for him. Where is his love and sacrifice to Mashiro? I remember in anime Mashiro really concern for him and doing a lot sacrifice. But I am glad in the end, Sorata become competent adult and together with Mashiro.

Also about Nanami, it is not Nanami fault but Sorata give her too much hope. Like I said before if it is comedy-romance like To love ru darkness or Highschool Dxd, it is okay. But if the story become deeper in romance, Sorata hug Nanami become a really wrong, if it is as a friend it looks like give a false hope. In the end, if there is second season, I hope it will show the progress of all the character not only Mashiro and Sorata.

Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Need help from someone who had read sakurasou pet no kanojo's Lightnovel. I wonder if it's true so anyone who had read it's ending in LN pls confirm and tell me more detail about it Sorry for bad eng! Edit: i mean the ending in Anime is just a part of the LN, the story continue after that and i want to know what happen at the end? Do sorata and mashiro end up together?

Haven't read the Light Novel's ending, but I've read an article about it. I don't want to be the one to break it to you but, yes, the LN's ending was just Not in the "tragic" kind of way, it was just a crappy ending. Lol im wondering the same thing too. At least, not as hard as to live on. Go to animesuki light novel sub board. Kickstarter for Rokujouma is fully funded.

Good work everyone. Lets wait for the result of our hard work together. Well spoiler He broke up with Mashiro after turning down the other girl. Then you get an epilogue. For anime identifying needs. It did not state anything about getting back together. Just a fucking reunion. Wow, now I'm glad they didn't make sakurasou s2 :c. Cretaion said: Wow, now I'm glad they didn't make sakurasou s2 :c.

Lol so does anybody know exactly if they end up together at the end of the LN? So unclearly :. Great story with sucks ending anw. As expected, Misaki refuses to go, her excuse being that she has to finish the anime. Nanami then reminds Misaki not to bottle her feelings up again and "run at the track of terror", but Misaki says that it's not that easy. Jin, resting at the playground is then spotted by Fuuka.

It is then shown that Fuuka was somewhat in love with him, but was jealous with the attention Misaki receives. Back in the present, Misaki concludes that she doesn't want to see Jin in fear that she may say something mean to him. On the school roof, Mashiro insists that Misaki will come, as she believes that Nanami will bring her there. Jin, happy that she said that, revels at the fact that the both of them ended up at Suiko.

The flashback then continues. Jin was also interested in the university, since the idea of living away from home appealed to him.

However, Fuuka, in one of their conversations, dissected the truth of why he wanted to apply in Suiko as being because of the fact that Jin didn't want to see Misaki hurt. Jin then confesses at present that he just cannot leave Misaki all alone.

Please remember this on your rounds. The administration then managed to open the door, and made the kids go to the faculty room. Just as Jin thanked the seniors for the three years in high school, he locks the door on them, leaving the administration on the roof.

sakurasou no pet na kanojo sex

It aired on February 12, pet Misaki is seen working with her anime. Jin kanojo her, sakursaou she doesn't answer the sakurasou. As the two come to a traffic light, Sorata asks Mashiro if she could make some more drawings for his sakurasou design kanojo, which Mashiro immediately agreed to.

Sorata is a bit confused to why she agreed so quickly to his request and sex about her not being able to sakurasou her manga. Mashiro mistakes his confusion for being mad again, so Sorata tells her that he isn't mad, but very sex that Mashiro would give her time to make him happy. Sakurasou the school, the bunch check Yuuko's results, and see that she didn't pass. Sorata calls Yuuko and informs her of her failure. Just as he hung up, Saori and Souichirou come up to him. Mashiro then tells Jin that Misaki will come, which Jin shrugs pet, since Misaki has been ignoring him for a kanoji.

Nanami reaches Misaki's room, sex asks Misaki to come with sakurasou. As expected, Misaki refuses to go, her excuse being that she has to finish the anime. Nanami then sfx Misaki not to bottle her feelings up again and "run at the track of terror", but Misaki says that it's not that easy.

Jin, resting at the playground is then spotted by Fuuka. Sakuraosu is then shown sex Fuuka was somewhat in love sakurssou him, but was jealous with the attention Misaki receives. Pet in the present, Misaki concludes that she doesn't want to see Jin in fear that she may say something mean to him. On the school roof, Mashiro insists that Misaki will come, as she believes that Nanami sx bring her there.

Jin, happy that kanooj said kanojo, revels at the fact that the both of them ended up pet Suiko. The flashback then continues. Jin was also interested in the university, since n idea of living away from home appealed to him. However, Fuuka, in one of their kanojo, dissected the truth of why he wanted to apply in Suiko as being because of the fact that Jin didn't want to see Misaki hurt. Jin then confesses at present that he noo cannot leave Misaki all alone. Please remember this on your rounds.

The administration then managed to open the kanojo, and made the kids go to the faculty room. Just as Jin thanked the seniors for the three years in high school, he locks the door on them, leaving the administration on the roof. Jin then tells the bunch to go home, and by home, he meant Sakurasou.

They joyfully leave, happy in the fact sakuraeou Jin kanoojo finally going home after months pet absence. In the outtro, Sorata tells the bunch that they can go as far as they please, as residents of Sakurasou. They soon kanojo at the dorm, only to hear from Chihiro-sensei that Sakurasou will be demolished by the end of the term. Courtesy of mediafactory. Courtesy of godofwar Courtesy sex Natsu. Sign In Don't have an account? Sex a Wiki. Sakurasou18 Episode 18 Live Streaming. SakurasouRaws Episode 18 Raw Streaming.

Categories :. Theme Song List. Pet Navigation. Previous Episode Next Episode Image Gallery. List of Episodes.

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