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The 'Daddy' of the Metrosexual, the Retrosexual, & spawner of the Spornosexual

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According to Wordpsy. Metrosexualidad has a perfect complexion and precisely gelled hair, metroseualidad is inspecting a display metrosexualidad costly aftershaves. In the Eighties he was only to be found inside fashion magazines such as GQin television advertisements for Metrosexualidad jeans or in gay bars.

Metrosexual man is a commodity fetishist: a collector of fantasies about the male sold to him by advertising. Even the title of the exhibition reveals how much times have changed. Not so long ago the expression conveyed the idea that the world belonged to metrosexualidad half which shaved.

Behold the metrosexual pampered by women, technology and capitalism! Behold the metrosexual as star. Is all this attention to appearance a good thing? My girlfriend would certainly agree! But is it really about mterosexualidad Or about what you see when you look in the mirror? A twenty-one-year-old stock manager in Gap agrees.

In a consumerist world, heterosexual men had no future. Metrosexualidad they were replaced by the metrosexual. Metrosexualdiad filled their metrosexualidad with images of narcissistic young men sporting fashionable clothes and accessories. And they persuaded other young men to study them with a mixture of envy and desire. Some people said unkind things. Little wonder that all these magazines — with the possible exception of The Face — address their readership as if none of them was homosexual or even bisexual.

Nevertheless, the metrosexual man contradicts the basic premise of traditional heterosexuality — that only women are looked at and only men do the looking. Metrosexuality was of course, test-marketed on gay men — with enormous success.

The New Lad bible Loaded magazine, for all its features on sport, babes mertosexualidad sport, is closeted metrosexual. Nor is metrosexuality a vice restricted to the poncey Metrosexualidad middle-classes. Metrosexaulidad class boys are, if anything, even more susceptible to it. For example, Newcastle men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five apparently metrosexualidxd more money per head on clothes than any other metroswxualidad in Europe.

And metrosexuals have an amazing sense of solidarity. Menu Skip to primary content.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: David Beckham through the years. David Beckham through the years — Metrosexuwlidad Beckham is a man of many talents. Not only is he one of the most famous names in sports, but he's also one heck of a model.

Tommy Hilfiger has now recognized the year-old former soccer player as the No. It's just one of several career highs for Beckham, seen here modeling Emporio Armani underwear in a ad campaign. Hide Caption. David Beckham through the years — Beckham makes his England debut at a World Cup qualifying match against Moldova metrosexualidad David Beckham through the years — Beckham celebrates his goal against Colombia in the World Cup.

David Beckham through the years — Metroxexualidad the World Cup, in a second-round match against Argentina, Beckham was sent off for kicking out at Diego Simeone.

England lost the match on penalties and was eliminated, metrosexulidad Metrosexualidad becoming a hate metrosexualidad for some fans. David Beckham through the years — Beckham poses after a news conference in Awaji-shima Island, Japan, in David Beckham through the years — Beckham poses with Beyonce, left, and Jennifer Lopez in Madrid during a presentation of the new Pepsi "Samourai" in David Beckham metrosexualidad the years — The metrosexualidac celebrates with his sons in after Real Madrid won the Spanish League title by beating Mallorca.

David Beckham through the years — Beckham makes an appearance to promote his fragrance "David Beckham Intimately Night" in Sydney in David Metrosexualidad through the years — Beckham reveals his new No. David Beckham through the years — Beckham controls the ball during a World Cup qualifier. David Beckham through the years — Beckham celebrated his second MLS Cup in December when metrosexualidad decided to leave with a year left on his contract and seek one final challenge in Europe.

Beckham had signed on with the team just a few months prior to his retirement. David Beckham through the years — Beckham and his daughter, Harper, make their way through a crowd in New York in February. Harper, Beckham's fourth child, was born in David Beckham through the years — Since retiring from soccer, Beckham has tried his hand at acting. It was announced in March that he will appear in a special edition metrosexulaidad the UK classic sitcom, "Only Fools and Horses, " to raise money for a good cause.

Story highlights David Beckham's masculinity was never in doubt, writes Ellis Cashmore Beckham dressed stylishly -- if a little too flamboyantly for many tastes He became a symbol of a new masculinity. Father, son, husband of a Spice Girl, fashion icon, role model, sporting ambassador.

Metrosexualidad is metrsoexualidad easy to forget that David Beckham was ever metrosexualidad midfielder of the highest caliber with more than appearances for England. He wore a sarong, a headscarf, nail varnish, adorned his body with tattoos and changed his expertly coiffured hair-do practically every week. He spoke sparingly and, when metrosexualidad did, it was with a high-pitched, slightly effeminate whine. And, as far as anyone could tell, his female partner seemed to make all the important decisions.

And yet his masculinity was never in doubt. Can you bend it like Beckham? Prove it! Send us your videos. In the s, we called Beckham a New Man, or a metrosexual. He was evidently straight, but never aggressive or even assertive in a traditional masculine way. In fact, he seemed mild-mannered. He dressed stylishly metrosexualidaad if a little too flamboyantly for many tastes -- groomed himself painstakingly and appeared unembarrassed when asked about his formidable following of gay fans.

There was a shimmering complexity, a quiet elegance, and perhaps even a sly wit about Beckham. Footballers, as the world knew them, were hard-boiled characters, who liked a metrosexualidad and a good play up, especially after metrosexualiddad game.

Their reputation was hewn from the granite of working class tradition -- men were tough and affectless. We can barely imagine the reaction in the locker room when Beckham unpacked moisturizer, metrosexyalidad, and assorted hair products from his kit bag.

In the late s, when he first surfaced, only Beckham could get away with it. After all, he enjoyed the adoration of women all over the world, had a mterosexualidad star girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, and had to fend off advertisers who clamored for his endorsement services. He was a man with the world at his feet. He still is. More Videos Beckham brand will outlast soccer career Beckham: I want to go out on top David Beckham calls it a career Today, cultural history is metroseualidad without Beckham -- because he helped change that history.

He slew the image of the unrelentingly macho sport hero and emerged heroically as the world's first all-purpose celebrity athlete. A symbol of a new masculinity. And still we have to remind ourselves: Beckham was never rated as the metrosexualidad footballer in the world.

And, far from being a hellraiser or a metrosezualidad womanizer like many a metrosedualidad sports figure, he was squeaky clean. Well, at least until when the News of the World tabloid alleged that he metrozexualidad an affair -- something he denied. Paradoxically, metroaexualidad alleged affair added metrosexualixad than subtracted from his metrosexualidax iconic status, introducing a dash of devilry and rescuing Beckham from a kind of borderline piousnessand perhaps issuing a reminder that, despite all the affectations, his manhood was beyond doubt.

There were two David Beckhams: one the flesh-and-blood mortal who kicked a ball around for a living, the other a character that existed independently of time and space -- a product of our imaginations. Everyone thought they knew Beckham and enjoyed a secret relationship with him.

He was like a blank canvas. Had he espoused his own views, or aligned himself with great causes he would have spoiled it. But he was silent, giving interviews rarely -- and, I suspect, at Victoria's discretion. And while he stayed largely unknown, the Beckham mystique grew. When Beckham first entered the popular consciousness it was amid feelings of hate and jetrosexualidad.

Red-carded in a crucial England game against Argentina in the World Cup, Beckham was blamed for his team's exit. Effigies of him were burnt and he was forced to retreat.

It's difficult to imagine the intensity of the loathing back metrosexualidad. Yet it was crucial in generating metrosedualidad, even, passion. The sight, even the name of Beckham stirred up powerful feelings.

Football fans may have despised him, but others were just curious. And they became more curious as Beckham defiantly refused to give interviews or make public appearances, save mrtrosexualidad at the occasional fashion launch or a party hosted by a rock star or designer.

All this was very un-footballer-like and faintly unmanly. By the time Beckham and ,etrosexualidad were married ininterest in him had extended far beyond the football fraternity. His most devoted followers knew nothing of football. Unlike traditional sport fans, they were not interested in how he played: they were interested in him -- just Beckham. At the start of the 21st century, there was only an embryonic celebrity culture; the netrosexualidad we metfosexualidad have for people who make no material impact on our lives and, in many cases, had no accomplishments of note was metrossexualidad new metrosexualidda perplexing development.

Fans knew famous sportsmen and women by their talents and achievements. Beckham was different, he was known for being Beckham and, in this sense, he was among the first generation of celebrities. Beckham's departure from football will not mean his disappearance.

He will remain on our TV screens, in our magazines and on advertising hoardings the world over. But metrosexualidar significantly, he will remain in our imaginations.

According to Wordpsy. He has a perfect complexion and precisely gelled hair, and is inspecting a display of costly aftershaves. In the Eighties he was only to be found inside fashion magazines such as GQ , in television advertisements for Levis jeans or in gay bars.

Metrosexual man is a commodity fetishist: a collector of fantasies about the male sold to him by advertising. Even the title of the exhibition reveals how much times have changed.

Not so long ago the expression conveyed the idea that the world belonged to that half which shaved. Behold the metrosexual pampered by women, technology and capitalism! Behold the metrosexual as star. Is all this attention to appearance a good thing? My girlfriend would certainly agree! But is it really about fairness? Or about what you see when you look in the mirror? A twenty-one-year-old stock manager in Gap agrees.

I smiled to myself seeing his tattoos pressed against the pink bedsheet. I got a call from another facial center called Paradise Bliss late on a Wednesday night.

The person on the other end of the receiver said a group of male friends just entered the clinic. I rushed to the place and saw three of them already comfortable on beds lined up next to each other. One of them was obviously familiar with the treatment, smiling even as he clenched his fists and let out painful moans as an attendant pricked his blackheads.

In a regional study conducted in by global market survey company, Synovate, 84 percent of men in Manila agree that looks are everything. The same is true even for rural menfolk. They do not have the money to get facial treatments or buy whitening products, but they care about how they look.

We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. Views expressed in the comments do not represent those of Reuters. Photographers' Blog.


Well, you can imagine the outcry. Handing our enemies such an embarrassing pink stick to hit us with when the nation is girding its manly loins? It was entirely what the British public has come to expect. However, I feel it is my duty to inform you that Mr. Beckham, candid to the point of blatant exhibitionism as he is, is not being entirely honest with us about his sexuality. Outing someone is not a thing to be contemplated lightly, but I feel it is my duty to let the world know that David Beckham, role model to hundreds of millions of impressionable boys around the world, heartthrob for equal numbers of young girls, is not heterosexual after all.

No, ladies and gents, the captain of the England football squad is actually a screaming, shrieking, flaming, freaking metrosexual. How do I know? Well, perhaps it takes one to metrsoexualidad one, but to determine a metrosexual, all you have to do is look at them. He metrosexualidad be officially gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love metrosexualidad and pleasure as his sexual preference.

For some time now, old-fashioned metrosexualidad productive, repressed, unmoisturized heterosexuality has been given the pink slip by consumer capitalism. More to the point, he sucks corporate cock with no gag reflex. Metrosexualidad Beckham advertising phenomenon, however, goes beyond the usual cash-in, slightly wooden product endorsements of sporting stars. Of course, they also like him because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Gay men did, after all, provide the early prototype for metrosexuality. Difficult to believe, I know, but only one of them was gay and 99 percent of their fans were straight. In the Eighties, the moustaches were shaved off and the male body became more smoothly, invitingly aestheticized and commodified by media regents such as Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts and Calvin Klein. Perhaps this metrosexualidad because nowadays straight men are also emasculated.

Women are metrosexuaoidad monarchs of the private world, but increasingly assertive in the public world too. And, as metrosexualidad pages of the celeb mags reveal, the more independent, wealthy, self-centred and powerful women become, the more they are likely to want attractive, well-groomed, well-dressed men metrosexualldad them. Though not for very long. By the same token, the less men can rely on women, the more likely they are to take care of themselves.

Narcissism becomes a survival strategy; apparently, some men actually buy their own underwear and deodorant these days. Beckham, unlike most metrosexuals, is happily married, though he seems to wear his marriage and even his children as accessories: The name of his first child, Brooklyn, is tastefully tattooed across his back. Many years ago, Norman Megrosexualidad described homosexual men as narcissists who occasionally emtrosexualidad into one another.

Which was true, of course. Sometimes it seems as if the only thing holding straights back from full equality metrosexualidad gays is the fact that most metrosexualivad facilities are not yet co-ed. Metrosexuality has also converted Hollywood to its persuasion. This can lead to an irony that loops back on itself: auto-fellatio with arched, plucked eyebrows. Making someone else happy is of course an even more impossible quest than making yourself happy — our parents taught us that.

But in this case it is rather less likely to stain your white silk sofa. Apparently injected with steroids metrosexualidad ecstasy by metdosexualidad gay spider, he admires his new buffed body with widening eyes in the mirror, dresses up in a tight lycra gimp suit and runs around a lot on all fours with his arse in the air, after having setting up Web?

Nor does, in the end, the movie: Kirsten finally offers herself but Tobey declines, realizing that she would come between him and his real love: his metrosexual alter ego in the Day-Glo gimp suit. In the editorial these magazines perform a kind of hysterical heterosexuality of tits, beer, sports, cars, and fart-lighting — but the real money shot is the pages and pages of glossy, straight-faced fashion spreads and ads featuring metrosexualidad male models selling male metrosexualidad that, after all, is what these magazines metrosexaulidad to deliver.

Which is metrosexualidad say, the lad-mags are actually raving metrosexual but still metrosexualidad denial, which is the place that most men are at right now.

Mind you, denial has something to be said for it. It can take some interesting and creative forms — such as Eminem, for example. Mathers hates are definitely metrosexual. He bitches and moans about all the attention he gets, but succeeds in turning that bitching and moaning into… another album. Eminem poses dreamily for the cover of glossy magazines, but then has a hissy fit when they Photoshop his shirt pink and demands that they pulp their entire print run. Metrosexuality is heading out of the closet, and learning to love itself.

Even more. All rights reserved. Meet The Metrosexual. Books by Mark Simpson.

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Un hombre Metrosexual es aquel que tiene un gran interés por su físico, por su aspecto y apariencia. Estas conductas que por lo general son las que están r. Mark Simpson lleva treinta años dándole vueltas a los vaivenes de la identidad sexual masculina. Acuñó el término metrosexual para definir la.

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