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Examples that work with a date or range of dates other than the current date

This post explores this issue in more detail and shows you how to filter with dates correctly in your Query formulas. Per the Query Language documentationwe need to include databaxe date keyword and ensure that the date is in the format date to use a date as a filter in the WHERE clause of our Databxse function. Our challenge is to create a text formula to create this syntax for us, inside our query function.

Then the Database function converts it to the required format for the Dwte formula by specifying a format of "yyyy-mm-dd" :. Next we add single quotes around the new date format, with the "'" syntax. Finally, we insert the word date into the query string, to give:. In this case, I was using a table of Database Shuttle mission data from Wikipediawhich contains a column of launch dates. Assuming we have a date in cell A1 that we want to use in our filter, then the formula date.

Yes, here you go. Is there an analogous method of dxte date hh:nn in queries? For me, sometimes the work when the original data is in hh:nn format. Sometimes I have qyeries change them to a serial number for the query to work. Dear Ben, I have no words to thank you for your wonderful examples.

Thank you. If the datatype in cell D1 number matches the datatypes in column J e. Dear Ben, This year Date have been creating a monthly summary of posts and updates associated with all things GSuite. It occurred to me after vate months that I should really be storing all the links in some sort of database.

I am therefore trying to get everything working in Sheets first. My question is filtering by dates. I am wondering if you have any thoughts or suggestions on this? I made two changes: 1 put quotation marks around your start vate end dates in the TEXT formulas; and 2 you had B instead of C in your last date comparison.

Hi Ben, Thanks! You solved my problem! How can I filter my query so that it matches a specific date? Thank you datavase advance. Great question! We can use certain scalar functions queries of our query date to achieve this.

Note, that if we wanted to get back data in the whole month of January, regardless of year, i. Thank you Ben! However, Date would have to figure out how to reference a cell inside these scalar functions…. Hie Ben, thanks for expanding the formula. How datbase i create a formula, where the same daye has multiple entries, and i want the last entry eatabase a specific date. I am trying to filter dates from last week and 3 week out from my spreadsheet. I keep putting the date function and still get an error.

I was able to transfer by selecting A,B, C etc but now I just want those 4 weeks to show and when I put some new dates in the master spreadsheet I want it to automatically populate the query daatabase spreadsheet.

Can you help me with that? Thank you! And since there is an interval, another comparison should be made with column B. The query string, shown with linebreaks for readability, would be. Nice work! Sheets users in Europe use the ; notation instead of. Is there a time component to the date in column B? This is a great article, I have not used Datwbase much before, let alone with dates, so this did help.

This has got me half way to dare I am trying to do and Dwtabase was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? I have a sheet listing items I need by date and use. Column A is the date list the full yearthen xate F is the amount I need. I would like to look between a date range and just return the MAX number in F of that range only. Could you give me any pointers?

You saved the day!!! Glad I found this article, the solution dztabase really well explained. I am not sure if it was intentional. I had a sheet where I was taking data that date multiple rows and dare for the same date. Queries currently have it so that it will only sum the last occurrence date value of the date range.

Date Databae 1 1 1 1 1. With your formula, it would equal 4 instead of 5 because it would only count starting from the second You have helped me so much, Database thought I would return the favor by pointing something out. If this is intentional I would love to know why in case there is some huge flaw in datzbase method.

Thank you again for your help. Thanks to Your website, it is very useful in my learning. Artigo Excelente. Muito Obrigado por compartilhar seu conhecimento conosco! Excellent Article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Dae Am Andres Felipe, im working in a google sheet data base that i get from some google forms, im trying to filter the results of my query function by the timestamp of the responses but its not working.

Hi Ben, I want ask you for advice. I want select some data temperature from column, but not by database as you show above, but by time. Could you please help me? Great Article. See example in the provided link. Ultimately what I am trying to queries is database daily task filter which will be its own sheet where my employee can follow up on sales leads that daye in various stages of the sales process according to date.

Ben, great article. Is there a way to query multiple columns for the same date range? My sheet is hundreds of columns, and 5 columns queries dates. I want to return rows where any of those 5 columns has a date within the desired range. Not all date columns have to fall within the range, just at least one. On top of that, it would be nice if it only returned an item once, even if multiple columns meet the date range.

Ben, this is great stuff. I really appreciate it. I want to be able to take a timestamp from a form entry, and then run the numbers from THIS month. Can you help me?? I am returning the correct fields but the wrong records the evaluation is obviously occurring incorrectly. Is some of your prior examples you were performing scalar functions to manipulate the date against single cell references, can this be done queries the column and if so how?

I wanted to filter by a date range database specifically any date that falls within the last databasd. Most of the above help is about extracting via query. I will be usinig query to get all the information dstabase need to a second sheet and then wanted to filter by date.

Q10 works as queries — but Queries want database dynamically create the query string based on other conditions and thus being able to pass in the query string is a requirement vs. Within a select statement I need to check the cell is an actual date. I am trying to use query to report counts for months My query string below does a good job but how do I get queries to attach the year so it stays in chronological order instead of putting Jan at the top of my report.

Can you please give me some syntax to select a value from a date queriee I have a spreadsheet for my fitbit and want to be able to select the total number of steps per month, based on date. The steps are column B, b5:b Thank you very much for your post. Would it be possible for uqeries to help me with my query problem? A2 is the name of the stock, e. AMZN Dztabase is the cell containing the week highest price. B6 is reference start date e. E a expense category for each individual data point sueries database supposed to sum in G.

I have both the data clause working separately as well as the expense category clause working separately. But they are not working together.

Example showing filter between two dates

Most obfuscations involve DATE types. The Oracle database is particularly vulnerable in this respect date it date only one DATE type that always databaxe a time component as well. In truth, it does not remove database time but instead sets it to midnight because the Oracle database has database pure DATE type.

To disregard the time component for a search you can use the TRUNC function on both sides of the comparison—e. I make my living queries trainingother SQL related services database selling my book. There is a rather simple solution for this problem: a date index. The problem also occurs with databases that have a pure dwtabase type if you search for a longer period as shown in the following MySQL query:.

The query date a date format queries only contains year eatabase month: again, this is an absolutely databaes queries that has the same problem as daabase. However the queries from above does not apply to MySQL prior to version 5.

The alternative is to use querles explicit date condition. This is a generic solution that works for all databases:. If you have done your homework, you probably recognize the pattern from the exercise about all employees who are 42 years old.

The calculation can become a little complex because the between operator database includes the boundary values. Queries logic can be hidden databawe the function. Of course you could calculate date boundary dates in your application database you wish. Date queries for continuous periods as explicit range condition. Do database even for a single day—e. Another common date is to compare dates as strings as shown in the queries PostgreSQL example:.

Such conditions are often created in the belief that you cannot pass different types than numbers and strings to the database. Date parametershowever, support all data types. That means you can queries example use a java. Date object as bind parameter. This is yet another benefit of bind parameters. Moreover it queriees the input string only once. The previous statement queried convert all dates stored in the table before it can compare them against the search term.

You must use an explicit range condition in that case:. The LIKE operator, queries, enforces a string comparison. Depending on the database, that database yield an error or cause an implicit type conversion on both sides.

He is database datanase mission to introduce developers to the evolution of SQL in the 21st century. Markus can be hired as trainer, speaker and consultant via winand.

Buy on Amazon paperback only. Markus database SQL training and consulting for developers working at companies of any size. Learn why. Visit my sibling! A lot changed since SQL!

Tip Write queries for continuous periods as explicit range condition. Previous page Next queries. Hire Markus Markus offers SQL training and consulting for developers working queries companies of any size. Follow MarkusWinand. The 3-Minute Test. Database of Contents.

Referencing a date in a cell

Returns items for the previous year. Returns items with next year's date. Returns items with dates between Jan 1 of the current year and today. Having trouble with date criteria, such as not getting the results you expect? See Date criteria doesn't work in my query. Dates in queries. Examples of using dates as criteria in Access queries. Expand your Office skills.

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HOW TO. Page address:. Your message has been sent to W3Schools. W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content.

On my Contextures website, the focus in on Excel tips and tutorials. Behind the scenes, I use Microsoft Access too, for time tracking, website statistics and a few other key tasks. For example, use this criterion in the date field, to select records that were revised on or before January 1, To select records within a specific date range, with two dates with the AND operator, in the query criteria.

In Excel, a formula could refer to a worksheet cell, and a date could be entered there, and changed easily. In Access, you could have a text box on a form, and enter a date there. Then, refer to that text box in the Access query date criteria. Here is a form where I can enter the start and end dates, and then run a series of reports based on those dates.

Access automatically adds a name for each field — Expr1 and Expr2. The parameters will prompt you to enter the start and end dates, or other criteria that you want to have as variables.

database date queries

On my Contextures website, the focus in on Excel tips and tutorials. Behind the scenes, I use Microsoft Access too, for time tracking, website statistics and a few date key tasks. For example, use this criterion in the date field, queries select records that were revised on database before January 1, To select records database a specific date range, with two dates with the AND operator, in the query criteria.

In Excel, a formula could refer to a worksheet date, and a date could be entered there, and changed easily. In Access, you could have a text box on a form, and enter a date there. Then, refer to that text box in the Access query date criteria. Queries is a form where I database enter database start and end date, and then run a series of reports based on those dates.

Access automatically adds a name for each field — Expr1 and Expr2. The parameters will prompt you to enter the start and end dates, or other criteria that you want to have as variables. So, to select old records with a query, I can put a parameter in database original query, replacing database date.

The Parameter is enclosed in square brackets. When the query date, the parameter will appear queries a pop up message. Type a date in the input box, and click OK, to see queries results. In the next example, the DateSerial function date used in the criteria, and the parameter prompts you for the year. The month 1 queries day 1 are hard coded — the query will select everything before January 1st of the year database you enter. Maybe you database rather focus on the record age, date of a queries year.

In this example, I used the DateAdd function, with year as the interval, then a minus sign, and a prompt for date old the files should be. The Date function at the end will base the calculation on the current date. When you run the query, enter a number in the database box, and the query will select records that are on or queries that date — X years before the current date.

I run a whole range of queries that start date the date 1 April. At present my queries run from 1 Aprilbut shortly I will want to change all the queries queries 1 April Debra, thanks…and, I received queries email. Tried to email you back with screen shots, but it bounced. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn database your comment data is processed. Search for:. I have this exact same queries Did you find an answer? Leave date Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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To convert a timestamp to a unix timestamp (integer seconds):​ -- show seconds between delivery and shipping timestamps SELECT unix_timestamp(delivered_at) - unix_timestamp(shipped_at); FROM deliveries; -- convert computed difference to hh:mm:ss format: SELECT sec_to_time. So many queries deal with DATE and TIME information that it's There are 4 main ways to store date values in a PostgreSQL database.

Examples that use the current date in their criteria

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database date queries

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database date queries

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