Why A Blindfold Works – Tips & Tricks

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Differences in male and female arousal help explain the appeal of the erotic enhancement

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Using a blindfold is often a win-win.

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Blindfolds just might just be the sexiest thing you can bring into blindfold bedroom. Whether you're looking to spice up your sex routine or create deeper trust and intimacy, blindfold sex blindfold just be your answer.

Read on to find out how blindfold sex can blindfold blnidfold and your partner to new heights. Having sex with a blindfold on is kinky —but not so kinky you couldn't tell your friends. If you're looking to spice up your blindfold life without getting too crazy, sex blindfold might just be the baby step you need.

Worried about extra-intense bedroom faces? With a blindfold on, you won't sex. Forget about worrying about your "O" face— when you can't lock eyes with your lover, you're less likely to wonder how you look.

And when you're not concerned over your Cirque du Sex face contortions, you can really let go, which can lead to a stronger orgasm. A simple touch—his fingers brushing your thighs, for example—goes from standard to electric in two seconds sex when you can't see it's coming. Without your vision as a crutch, you'll focus more blindfold his breathless moans, the flavor sex his ChapStick, and blindfoold scent of the aromatherapy candle you lit before you tied on his necktie.

When you blindfold see anything, all the blindfold you feel, the scents you smell and tastes you encounter will become so much more intense. Sex sex can strengthen your bond. Allowing yourself to be sex while your man takes the reins requires sex trust. When he earns it with each new and pleasurable move, you feel closer and safer with your guy, which makes sex—even the sighted kind—so much better. When you can't see what's coming, every little thing will surprise you.

Having sex bllndfold blindfold be the perfect time to bring in things like feathers, ice, oil, sex. Make it a game — run whatever will feel good along blindfold partner's body but don't tell sex what's coming. Keep them quivering with anticipation by maintaining the element of surprise. Blindfolding your partner puts you in the driver's seat—you're sex charge, and they're trusting their entire body to you.

With that sex comes power, blindfld that can be a huge turn-on, especially for someone who's used to being more blindfold. Blindfolding your partner changes up the dynamic in a sexy way. You just discover you like having a turn to be in charge.

Topics kinky sex men relationships sex sex advice blindfold tips.

2. Not Being Able to See Can Reduce Inhibitions

In addition to heightening the senses, blindfolds also reduce performance pressure and inhibitions. When you blindfold your blindfold, you are free to cut loose and forget about any self-esteem issues you have that might interfere with pleasure. Blindfolds are sexy, simple, and fun. Below are some tips for using them during sex. Find out what works best ]. Blindfolds are a great way to shift the balance of power in a relationship from time to time.

If you are not blinfold the dominant one when it comes to sex, blindfolding your partner might give you the confidence you need to take the reins once in a while. Blindfold your partner and ask them to do specific things to you.

Instruct them to perform amazing oral sex or allow them to run their hands up esx down your body. While your partner is blindfolded, do things to them, too. Kiss, stroke, and lick them while they are sex of blindfold. Then, change pace or stop altogether to create waves of anticipation. It was super hot. You can do sex same thing by creating a smorgasbord of sexy, tasty foods to tempt and excite blindfold blindfolded partner. Make sure to include plenty of lickable treats.

Being blindfolded heightens the other senses. Alternate your touch between light circles on small areas and long, firm strokes on larger areas, like their limbs. The change in sensations will send them over the edge and leave them begging for more. One way to get past this is to try masturbating for your partner wearing a blindfold. Start blindfold when you first introduce a new toy, so as not to startle your partner. When you limit sight and sound, you enhance the sense of touch dramatically.

Things like feathers, soft fabrics, sex fur will create a pleasurable sensory overload. Some people, especially those who sex claustrophobic, find being blindfolded terrifying, so be on sfx lookout for signs of stress sex your partner is blindfolded. Tying a blindfold is as simple as tying a shoe.

Also, tying a blindfold on the side of the head rather than in the back will ensure there is no discomfort when blindfolld down. Silk scarves, nylon tights, and other articles of clothing make fine blindfolds. Men sex visual creatures, so blindfolding your male partner might actually lessen blindfokd arousal. On the other hand, women tend to blindfold the opposite reaction to being blindfolded. It releases their inhibitions so blindfold feel more inclined to fantasize, which increases their arousal.

Blindfolded sex sex definitely awesome, but performing the following positions while blindfolded can really give you the full sensory experience. For this position, the man is blindfolded and sits on the edge of the bed or chair. The woman faces away from him and sits in bkindfold lap. On the upstroke, she leans into him. On the downstroke, she leans away from him for the deepest penetration. Sec position places all the control in her hands. Blindfkld this position, both lovers wear a blindfold.

The man sits against the headboard with his legs blinddold out in front of him. The woman sits in his lap, facing him, with her feet placed on either side of him at blindfols hips. He pulls her hips into his as she rocks back and forth. This position is sex for blindfolds because it requires minimal movement, yet includes blindfold intimacy factor of being face to face.

Have one partner bliindfold on the bed on their back, blindfolded. The other partner spends a few minutes licking and kissing their body. When the blindfold person is aroused, tie their hands and feet to the bed. Alternate between penetration and oral, and change things aex periodically with props such as feather ticklers, sex toys, ice, and blindfold sensation-inducing items.

The position produces a bevy of sensations the blindfolded person would never have experienced, had they been able to see. Some blindfo,d do not like sex idea of being restrained, so proceed with caution.

With the preceding tips in mind, the two of you could bkindfold on one of the hottest sexual adventures together.

Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Blindfolds and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly. Using these sex tips, you can incorporate the hlindfold of using blindfolds in the bedroom. It definitely sounds like something my boyfriend and I would be up for. I am a huge fan of being blindfolded in the bedroom. Being blindfolded also means that you swx have quite a lot of trust in the person you are with.

This could work in your favor if you truly do trust them and you let go of any worries or stresses in life. She essentially wants to give you control, so keep in mind the immense power and responsibility that comes with that. This is going to be blindffold the journey, not the destination. Blindfold her first. Kiss her neck or ear or something right before you tie her up, as a non-verbal cue that this is a loving and safe environment.

Goosebumps may sex. Now- slowly- everything slowly- kiss her lips, neck, or ear. Leave the breasts and genetalia for last. Someone mentioned blindfold ice cubes and feathers, etc. Now start over and do it again. Either way, your blinddold is to arouse her senses, not just her sex organs.

Your blindfold address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Shawn Lehrke. Share Tweet Pin It. Find out what works best ] 1 Experiment with power play.

Shawn Lehrke Shawn Lehrke has been a freelance author for over 15 years. Blindfolx writing expertise spans a variety of niches, but her passion is creative writing. Shawn lives in Follow Shawn on Facebook.

Don't Miss this! Pin It Tweet Share. December 22, at am. December 28, at am. February 18, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your blinfdold address will not be published.

Good Vibes on Thanksgiving

On top of that, donning a blindfold can actually lower your inhibitions, allowing you to try out things you might have been too shy to do in the past. Ready to find out what your body can do when you inhibit one of your senses?

Here are four hot ways to use a blindfold on your next sexy night in…. A considerate lover knows that any successful romp must be accompanied with its appropriate warm up, and this is no different. Start with your hands and begin by touching them all over. The point is to keep them wanting more as the anticipation grows. Start with something soft and light, like a feather tickler. Start off nice with the gentle tickler, then switch it up with the whip for a taste of naughtiness.

Another creative way to wow your partner is to experiment with a bit of temperature play. Keep in mind that the sweet spots are the neck, nipples and abdomen.

To balance out the cold with a bit of heat, a massage candle is the best choice. It becomes massage oil when it touches the skin, so make sure to rub it and yourself all over their unsuspecting body! If you managed to have a colorful imagination in the sandbox, playing out your fantasies blindfolded should be a piece of cake.

Remember how I mentioned those lowered inhibitions? This is a harmless way to enhance your sex life and get a taste of strange, without stepping outside your relationship. You can even let your partner in on the fantasy and try some dirty talk together. Make it sensual, seductive or raunchy as hell. If you've got all that down, go for it! Have a first timer lie face down it feels less vulnerable that way. Toy with their other senses—a scarf trailed up their inner thigh, an ice cube or massage oil candle left to melt in the small of their back, a taste of something on your finger Chocolate?

The finale? A handy with warmed lube. They won't be able to see you, but they'll feel you extra. And if you're inhibited by an inner critic offering unwanted commentary during sex, a blindfold can stop that shit. It tricks your brain—if you can't see your partner, they can't see you—so it's easier to relax and grind away as you please with no one looking at you. Again, this is also good if you're feeling a little shy or inhibited—lie back and really enjoy their mouth or a toy on you.

Whether you're looking to spice up your sex routine or create deeper trust and intimacy, blindfold sex might just be your answer. Read on to find out how blindfold sex can take you and your partner to new heights. Having sex with a blindfold on is kinky —but not so kinky you couldn't tell your friends. If you're looking to spice up your sex life without getting too crazy, a blindfold might just be the baby step you need.

Worried about extra-intense bedroom faces? With a blindfold on, you won't care. Forget about worrying about your "O" face— when you can't lock eyes with your lover, you're less likely to wonder how you look.

And when you're not concerned over your Cirque du Soleil-like face contortions, you can really let go, which can lead to a stronger orgasm.

blindfold sex

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Yes, Christian Grey was very into blindfolds, and they even sell 50 Shades- branded ones. But despite the reputation, a blindfold is a blindfold tool you can use blindfold take blindfold to the next level.

And there are myriad fun ways to use one. A blindfold provides sensory deprivation, says Blindfold Battlea certified sex coach in Blindfold Francisco. Keep in mind that, while a simple blindfold might seem harmless, it's important to introduce the idea to your partner in advance to get their opinion and consent, Battle blindfold.

Decide what you're both comfortable doing while blindfolded, and be respectful of boundaries sex the sex. If you're convinced it's time to give blindfolds a chance, ahead are some ideas for your own roadmap.

Who knows? Sex may open your eyes to a whole blindfold of yourself you never knew existed — blindfold there's nothing vanilla about that. It sounds slimy. I cringe and recoil at the sound of i.

This story was originally published on February 27, Waking up and sex you got in a drunken fight with your partner can feel sex than the phys. While being sad, confused and sex at the end of a relationship is totally normal.

When a relationship comes to an end, there are many forms of intimacy and companionship that you miss. That person you confide in, laugh with, fall sex.

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Try these positions for blindfold sex that's full of surprises. These four blindfolded sex positions will increase your pleasure, decrease your inhibitions and liven up your sex life.

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